Never miss another drop with SwiftAIO. The Fastest CLI Powered Sneaker Bot.

Supported sites

Supporting over 160+ retailers including Shopify, Supreme, Footsites and more. You’ll never need another bot again.

Unlimited tasks
Run as many tasks as you want, from hundreds to thousands
Lightning Fast
Fully multi-threaded & CLI Powered for a blazing fast and reliable experience
Restock mode
Missed a drop? No problem, the bot will automatically wait for restocks
Full support
We offer free 24/7 support via email or twitter. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Avrage checkout speed
Tasks Ran
Successful Checkouts

Built with powerful features

We’ve ensured that SwiftAIO runs as smoothly as possible so you can run hundreds of tasks without the need of expensive servers

reCAPTCHA Support

Effortlessly pass catpcha splash pages.

Cookie Generation

With Swift, you'll never manually generate cookies.

Discord Webhook

View all of your success with custom discord webhooks.

Infinitely Scalable

Whether you’re managing servers, or just running off your laptop, Swift will make the best of what you have.

Friendly Community

All Swift members will gain access to a community of other Swift users, with experienced support representatives.

Blazing Fast

Swift checks out in just seconds across a range of sites, providing you with unsurpassed checkout times.

Questions & answers

How much does Swift cost?

The retail price is $70/month or $700/year, both including constant updates.

What operating systems does Swift support?

SwiftAIO currently supports Windows & macOS

Does Swift offer groupbuys?

We currently do not offer any groupbuys. All license keys are sold through public launches unless stated otherwise.

Can I sell my Swift license?

Yes. SwiftAIO is not responsible for any third-party sales of our software that may occur.

What countries does Swift support?

SwiftAIO currently only supports USA.

 How do I receive support?

All SwiftAIO subscribers will receive access to our private Discord where our dedicated staff team offers 24/7 support.

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